Best FAMILY Hybrid cars...

1. Mercedes E300de

...Another diesel hybrid enters our list, this time it's in the form of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The new E300de combines a 2-litre diesel engine, with an additional electric motor. Take the official 201.8mpg figure with a pinch of salt, as you'll need to do a lot of electric-only driving to achieve it, but the E300de should do around 30 miles on just electric power. If you're not keen on diesel, then there's another plug-in hybrid option: the E300e, with a petrol engine.

Inside, expect the usual hallmarks of a Mercedes - top quality interiors and loads of tech

Fuel economy 166.2mpg

CO2 emissions 41g/km

Used deals from £34,000

Extremely comfortable ride

Hi-tech options

Spacious interior and boot

2. BMW 530e

...Best hybrid family car for a sporty drive

As a plug-in hybrid, the BMW 530e is able to operate for a short time without using its 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine at all. When used in combination, it offers enough performance to stand comparison with the powerful 530d diesel variant of the 5 Series.

The only compromise is slightly less boot space than you’ll find in a regular 5 Series, as the batteries take up 120 litres of potential cargo space, but the remaining 410 litres is more than adequate.

Fuel economy 128.4mpg

CO2 emissions 49g/km

Used deals from £22,500

Hi-tech options, including driverless features

Comfortable and luxurious inside

Agile and involving to drive

3. Lexus IS 300h

...Best hybrid family car for anyone without a charging point.

High-priced upmarket cars are frequently sought after by business users looking to cut their company car tax. They want a car with low CO2 emissions to reduce their tax band, which means they will probably be looking at a plug-in hybrid car.

But if you're just looking for excellent fuel economy without having to plug your car in to the wall every evening, then the Lexus IS 300h uses the same type of hybrid system as the Toyota Prius, in a package that brings more performance and a much more interesting design.

It looks good, it's quite and it's reasonably stable in corners. For families, consider it a four-seat car and you won’t be disappointed by the level of space in the back seats.

Fuel economy 50mpg

CO2 emissions 109g/km

Used deals from £13,975

Attractive design

Spacious interior



$37,000 - $43,300

  • Lots of standard advanced safety features
  • Efficient hybrid powertrain with little sacrifice
  • Upscale cabin is quiet and roomy
  • Comfortable ride quality

Traditionally, there have been some significant downsides to picking a hybrid version of a regular sedan. The hybrid is usually slower, less practical because of a smaller trunk (need to stick that big old battery pack somewhere) and styled with dorky-looking wheels and blue, green or teal accents.

But the 2020 Toyota Avalon Hybrid flips that script.. While still slow — nearly 1.5 seconds slower than the non-hybrid Toyota Avalon V6 in 0-60 mph acceleration — the hybrid generates quick and satisfying low-end torque for daily driving and returns up to 44 mpg combined while doing it. The hybrid also only costs $1,000 more than the standard Avalon. Given what you'd likely end up saving on gas, you'll probably recoup that difference in just a couple of years.

The Avalon Hybrid is also surprisingly enjoyable to drive. You can guide it into turns with confidence since the suspension feels stable and body roll is well-controlled. Swap out the low-friction tires for some proper all-season rubber and the Avalon might show some real swagger.

And that battery pack? Toyota found a way to package it without compromising utility. The hybrid offers the same 16.1 cubic feet of trunk space as its non-hybrid counterpart, and the rear seats can also fold flat.

5. Audi A6 TFSI e

...Audi sta ampliando il suo portafoglio offrendo ibridi plug-in anche nelle linee dei modelli A7, A8, Q5 e Q7. Tutti portano il logo “TFSI e”. L’A6 55 TFSI e quattro continua ora questa serie. Come tutti i modelli ibridi plug-in, combina due azionamenti altamente efficienti per ottenere una potenza di sistema di 270 kW (367 CV).

Il suo motore a benzina a quattro cilindri, un 2.0 TFSI, eroga 185 kW (252 CV). Il motore elettrico, integrato nel S tronic a sette velocità, ha una potenza di picco di 105 kW. La coppia del sistema raggiunge già il suo massimo di 500 Nm ad una velocità di 1.250 giri / min. La batteria agli ioni di litio, posizionata nella parte posteriore del veicolo, immagazzina 14,1 kWh di energia. È integrata in modo tale che il bagagliaio offra spazio comodo per i bagagli.

Consumi ed emissione CO2

Il consumo di carburante combinato è di 2,1-1,9 l/100 km. Il consumo di energia nel ciclo combinato è di 17,9-17,4 kWh/100 km. Le emissioni di CO2 nello stesso ciclo sono di 47-43 g/km.

6. VOLVO S90


...The S90 draws criticism for one thing: its four-cylinder engine. While the power specs are solid, it doesn't offer the same level of refinement as its competition's optional six-cylinder engines. The same could be said of the S90's ride quality, which can be overly firm for this class of vehicle.

What’s new

  • Base T5 engine dropped
  • New R-Design trim
  • Leather upholstery, front parking sensors and rear cross-traffic alert now standar
  • Seat comfort is among the best in the class
  • Impressive interior materials throughout the cabin
  • Comes standard with a wide array of convenience and safety features
  • Costs less than the German competition

The 2020 Volvo S90 is a luxury midsize sedan offered in Momentum, R-Design and Inscription trim levels. The Momentum is well-equipped for a base-level sedan, with features that include LED lights, keyless entry, leather upholstery, and a slew of driving aids. The trim structure then branches to the sporty R-Design and the luxurious Inscription, both of which offer more features than the Momentum

7. KIA Niro PHEV 2

...From £30,265

  • - 8” Touchscreen Display + Radio + DAB
  • - Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay**
  • - Roof Rails
  • - Reversing Camera System
  • - Front & Rear Parking Sensors***
  • - Smart Cruise Control w/ Stop & Go
  • - Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (Car/Ped/Cyc) (FCA)
  • - Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) with Autohold
  • - Smart Cruise Control (SCC)
  • - Towing Pack

Android Auto™** and Apple CarPlay™ with Voice Control**

The new Kia Niro Plug-in Hybrid supports Android Auto™** and Apple CarPlay™ with Voice Control**, keeping you connected while you focus on the road.

Lane Keep Assist System

Stay on track in the new Kia Niro Plug-in Hybrid. Lane Keep Assist system visually and audibly notifies you should you start to veer out of the lane. It even steers you back into place if you start to leave the lane...

8. Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid

$23,200 - $31,200

...This is on top of its excellent fuel economy, which the EPA estimates at between 55 and 58 mpg in combined city/highway driving. This is a smidge better than what the Honda Insight and the Toyota Prius deliver. Still, you'll have to put up with a lackluster driving experience.

What’s new

  • A slight styling refresh inside and out
  • More standard safety features and optional driver aids
  • Improved features, more of them standard
  • Part of the first Ioniq generation introduced for 2017
  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Lots of available tech features and driver aids
  • Large cargo area

The 2020 Hyundai Ioniq is available in four trim levels: Blue, SE, SEL and Limited. All Ioniqs are powered by a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine paired to a hybrid system. Total output is 139 horsepower....

9. Nissan Versa


...The 1.6-liter front-drive engine and continuously variable transmission are willing but engineered to return high mpg over tire-smoking performance. I clicked off 0-60 mph times of 9-10 seconds. Stomp the throttle hard and there was a bit of turbo-lag sensation — a second or two of hesitant progress while the engine room spooled up to full power — in a car that has no turbocharger. But 18-wheelers that take 25 to 100 seconds to reach 60 mph get onto highways safely every day.

Nissan rates the “Xtronic” Versa CVT at 32 mpg city, 40 mpg highway, 35 mpg combined. Driving 300 miles of interstate and 50 miles of 55 mph rural highway, I came out very close to that 40 mpg. When I ran 10- to 20-mile legs on more-or-less flat interstate road at 60-65 mph, I got closer to 45 mpg. This is a new 1.6-liter, 16-valve engine with 122 hp (12 percent more than the old Versa) and 114 pound-feet of torque (a 7 percent increase) that doesn’t peak until 4,000 rpm, which may account for the initial slow liftoff...

10. Ford FUSION Hybrid


...The Ford Fusion Hybrid is a gasoline-electric hybrid powered version of the mid-sized Ford Fusion sedan manufactured and marketed by Ford, now in its second generation. ... In hybrid operation (charge-sustaining mode), the Energi has a combined fuel economy of 38 mpg‑US (6.2 L/100 km; 46 mpg‑imp).

Is the Ford Fusion Hybrid a Good Car? Yes, the 2020 Ford Fusion Hybrid is a good car. It's sportier than many of its hybrid and electric car rivals, and it has one of the most intuitive infotainment systems on the market. This Ford also has a nice helping of standard features.

  • Excellent Sync 3 infotainment system
  • Interior remains quiet at highway speeds
  • Upscale cabin design

11. Passat GTE

...Volkswagen Passat GTE review. Having established its sub-brand hybrid 'GTE' nameplate in the Golf, Volkswagen has subsequently transplanted it onto the Passat – adding a plug-in petrol-electric option to a line-up that has been staunchly diesel-only for the best part of a decade. This makes sense.

Classy, spacious interior

Hybrid-enhanced performance

Stable handling

The benefits are much the same as they are in the Golf: a moderate all-electric range, brisk acceleration, admirable (if misleading) claimed fuel economy and the low taxation prospect of 39g/km of CO2 emissions.

That alone ought to make the car – which still benefits from a £2500 government grant and is also available as an estate – alluring to business users, but the GTE will need to cut the mustard in more ways than one if it wants to overshadow the alternatives available at its £34,025 (post-grant) list price.



Versatility and a new driving experience in all-electric mode:

  • Up to 39 miles range (WLTP) in electric-mode^
  • A smooth drive with no jolts
  • Sharp acceleration thanks to instant engine torque
  • Silent operation


Multiple savings in use:

  • Average fuel consumption savings of 40%^
  • Zero exhaust emissions (CO2 and NOx) when driving in electric mode
  • 8-year/100,000 mile warranty for the traction battery to maintain at least 70% capacity


Easy to use to make your life easier:

  • Accelerated charging in less than 4 hours with the standard 3.7kW on board charger, or less than 2 hours with the cost option 7.4kW on board charger
  • Real-time information on your trip
  • E-Remote control with MYPEUGEOT® app*

13. Skoda Superb iV plug-in hybrid

...Great practicality, rock-bottom running costs and a very competitive list price mean the Skoda Superb iV plug-in hybrid is a true class leader.

Price £33,255 - £40,245

  • Hugely practical
  • Wide range of trim levels
  • Very low company-car tax

The Skoda Superb has long offered a compelling combination of high quality, comfort and interior space at an affordable price.

Now, it has a plug-in hybrid drivetrain option, too, available across the range in SE Technology, SE L, SportLine and L&K trim levels, and with either a hatchback or cavernous estate body, the latter of which we've reviewed separately

This is especially so for the plug-in version, with its low CO2 emissions attracting just 12% Benefit-in-Kind tax in the 2020-21 financial year. That compares to a whopping 34% for the 2.0-litre diesel version – so it's not hard to see why Skoda expects the iV to account for up to a quarter of Superb sales in the UK.