Best Daily horoscope...

JUN 13, 2020: You might like to think that you don't have any opportunistic tendencies, but you do, and you should embrace them! After all, they have served you well in the past. It's time to recognize your entire set of skills, not just the ones that make people feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You're a complicated person, which means you're an interesting person! Don't feel guilty if an opportunity comes along that you don't think you deserve. If it's there, you should take it!

JUN 13, 2020: Today, you could a taste of power when you're thrust into a leadership position. While at first it might feel a little challenging, you'll get the hang of it very soon. Have no doubts about yourself! But if at any point you do feel a little nervous that you might be in over your head, you always have your friends standing by ready to help. They'll keep you grounded, and they'll keep you confident when things get tricky.

JUN 13, 2020: You might need to get a little bit more aggressive today, especially where business is concerned. You've been held back by other people for far too long, either by their negative comments or by their power plays. This drama has got to stop! Separate yourself from the bad energy people are giving off. You aren't where you need to be and you know it. The good news is that if you make a point to speak up for yourself today, you can get there before you know it.

JUN 13, 2020: You're going to experience a lot more of one of your favorite things today: balance. Things are about to equalize in all aspects of your life, so get ready to enjoy a healthier period that will give you a stronger sense of security and confidence. You're feeling more in control, and it looks like someone you care about is finally ready to take another step in the right direction in their life. You should use this as inspiration for you own long-delayed changes.

.JUN 13, 2020: There is no reason for you to tolerate someone whose arrogance verges on rudeness today, no matter who they are. If you feel you're being taken advantage of or talked down to, don't hesitate to stand up for yourself and set this person straight! Compromising your dignity is never acceptable. And if you're dealing with someone you think might be unreasonable or even dangerous, defend yourself by walking away. Do not dignify a bully by dealing with them.

JUN 13, 2020: This could be the day when all your hard work finally pays off! Keep your eyes out (and ears open) early in the day for quiet discussions behind closed doors at work. They could be talking about you, and the conversation is quite flattering! Your inbox could be flooded with positive messages about a job well done. Save these e-mails for your next meeting with the boss. Use them to remind those in power how valuable you are. They already know it, but having the proof never hurts.

JUN 13, 2020: Today you're becoming aware of new possibilities for your life, and you should try to explore as many of them as possible. Spend time online searching for the next great goal to pursue and see what you can find out. There is no reason to put limits on your options either. The nuttier the notion, the more thoroughly you should research it! Show the universe that you're confident and ready to handle whatever it has in store for you, because you are.

.JUN 13, 2020: Your day might get started on the wrong foot, but you shouldn't let that discourage you! Grab some of that inner strength and remind yourself that every new hour could bring new good things. Positive thinking can create real results, especially right now. The universe is looking for cues from you. If you're waiting for that certain someone to call, just keep believing that they will. If you don't know something for certain, why choose to think the worst?

JUN 13, 2020: One of the more generous people in your life is suddenly a lot more conservative with their time and money, but don't worry, it's nothing to take personally. Right now, they're just feeling anxious about their financial situation, and they're too embarrassed to talk about it. You may not be able to rely on them for extra money or social fun right now, but you can rely on them to always be there for you, emotionally speaking. Give them some space for a few more days.

.JUN 13, 2020: Planning will be a lot of fun for you today, especially if what you're putting together has lots of tiny little details you need to wrangle into place. Your eye for the small stuff is extremely sharp, and it will bring you a huge amount of satisfaction to nail down those details that have been floating around for so long. If you're ready to sign contracts and finalize a commitment, this is a great day for it. Things are in order and everything should go well.

JUN 13, 2020: The hardest part of making changes in your life isn't thinking up ways to change, it's putting that change into action! You need a lot of self-discipline to get started, especially today when your energy is going to be challenged by the demands other people put on you. They're draining you, and it might be time to recharge. A helpful friend is ready to step in to lend a hand or just be your cheerleader, so don't be too proud to accept their aid.

JUN 13, 2020: Handing control over to someone else might not be an easy thing for you to do, but it will be an awful lot easier than trying to hold onto that control. Right now, if you want to reduce the amount of stress in your life, you have to step away from the power position, at least for a while. Hand things over to someone you trust and have confidence in this person's ability to take care of things. And look out for your interests. Give them a chance to shine while you give yourself a break.