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You want to do X, but circumstances force you to do Y. That pretty much sums up this cycle, as far as cash, property, business and possessions are concerned. The North Node is in your budget sector and the South Node is in your complex finances sector. By rights, this should be a time to feed your needs and make yourself feel secure. Instead, you face a flashback to 2001 and 2002 – in order to make your world complete, karmically, you have to do the one thing that throws you back to the past and a way to settle up. Perhaps, even a way to be repaid. It may be meeting your bank manager. It may be confronting your relatives about the family will. The possibilities are endless, but the situation is always the same – some kind of long look back which enables you to move steadily towards completion and closure, ending a loop which may even go back further than 2001-2002 now.

Monthly Horoscope...

June 2020 Scorpio Horoscope

June is all about growth and building for you, a time to assess your “crops” and pinpoint how you can thrive, even now. Sound like an impossible mission? Think again. As a Scorpio, you’re one of the most regenerative signs of the zodiac, uniquely equipped to turn a pandemic into a huge transformation. After all, Scorpio’s highest state is symbolized by the phoenix rising from the ashes. And with two powerful eclipses touching down in your zones of money and risk-taking, luck could very well be on your side this June.

Eclipses arrive to shake up business as usual, and their impact can be felt for up to a month before and after their actual date. Every year, there are four to six eclipses coinciding with either a new moon or a full moon. Behaviorally, they act as major motivators, pushing us out of a wishy-washy state and into terrain far past our comfort zones.

While June’s eclipses will speed up the pace, there will still be obstacles to navigate. Four planets—Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto—are retrograde for nearly the whole month, a slowed-down position that can cause unforeseen delays. In the latter half of the month, communicator Mercury and hazy Neptune will join the retrograde brigade, further bottlenecking matters. But nothing will stop YOU, Scorpio!

This is all happening against the backdrop of the Sun in Gemini and your eighth house of intimacy, merging and privacy until June 20. Scorpio is the natural ruler of this zodiac zone, so you’ll be at your intense and charismatic best…at least, when you come out of your cocoon. And you may not emerge that often since you’ll be enjoying that under-the-radar time—yes, even after months of having it foisted upon you.

Gemini season helps you cultivate powerful alliances with a few key connections. Tighten your inner circle and focus on the handful of people closest to you. With Venus, the planet of love and harmony, retrograde in Gemini until June 25, you may need to work through some resentments and navigate the emotional fissures that have occurred as a result of quarantine stress. A business partnership may also be under duress, so use this time to get back on the same page.

On June 5, the Sagittarius lunar (full moon) eclipse shines its high beams into your second house of work and money. Get ready for a major career or moneymaking opportunity or a financial shift. Lunar eclipses often mark turning points—and their transitions come on abruptly. A job or client could be “eclipsed” away, clearing space for something that’s a better fit. Don’t cling to anything past its prime, especially out of fear.

Horoscope 2020

You’ve got a major message to share in 2020, and the world eagerly awaits! What will it take to step up to the mic—and into your power—in 2020? Read on to find out…

Your investigative sign loves a mystery, Scorpio, and there are no shortages of riddles to solve in 2020. But this year will be different in one fundamental way, Scorpio: To crack any case, lead with curiosity, not suspicion. Did your eternally raised eyebrow just shoot up another millimeter? We’re not surprised. But trust us Scorpio, the journey can be as blissful as the destination.

At times, this year will feel like a rollercoaster ride, kind of like the line from the cult classic Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, where your Scorpio signmate Pee Wee Herman exclaims, “It’s like you’re unraveling a big cable-knit sweater that someone keeps knitting and knitting and knitting…” Keep pulling at those loose threads and eventually the full story will reveal its pattern. Stay engaged, even when you’re frustrated. It’s hard for your savvy sign to remember this, but here goes: You don’t have to have it all figured out. Surrender to the unknown and let 2020 take you on a magical mystery tour!

Career and Money

2020 is certainly going to be more entertaining than last year! From November 2018 until early December 2019, expansive Jupiter was grinding away in Sagittarius and your second house of work and daily routines. The perks may have included a new job and better pay. But the responsibilities of your new revenue streams also left your nose fixed to the grindstone—there was no free lunch in 2019! If your social life withered on the vine as a result, it’s no surprise.

On December 2, 2019, jovial Jupiter merged lanes into Capricorn, joining stoic Saturn and your ruler, magnetic Pluto, in your convivial, mercurial third house. In 2020, these three planets are involved in a sweet choreography, gliding in close (and at some points, exact!) contact with each other all year. But since their energies are so different, figuring out which planet is leading could feel like an eternal dance-off inside your head. Should you be effusively friendly (Jupiter) or play it cool (Saturn)? Or maybe be alluringly esoteric and make them come to you (Pluto)?

Instead of fixating on this, make fun your focus in 2020. For your serious sign, this might can be downright revolutionary. Could it be that…simple? Yes, Scorpio, it can. And if you open yourself up to experimentation instead of trying to find “the thing,” this could be the most buzzworthy year you’ve had in over a decade! As one of the zodiac’s four fixed signs (along with Taurus, Leo and Aquarius), you pride yourself on being the expert and authority in your field. As such, you tend to focus intently on one thing at a time. Switch up your strategy this year because 2020 is all about being a dabbling dilletante instead. As you lifehack your way into this new decade, you’ll gain the breadth of knowledge to match your inherent depth. A formidable combination! As you log a library of new references and experiences into your powerful memory bank, you’ll be a walking, talking oracle.

Stretching your mental wingspan won’t require you to travel far, since the third house rules local activity. But no matter what, your mind and your mouth will be in motion! Short-term education falls under the domain of the third house. Be the queen of the workshop scene or the emperor of online courses. The requisite training could be a Lyft ride—or a log-in—away!

Love and Relationships

Any sort of intellectual stimulation will be a major turn-on this year, and single Scorpios will bore quickly of people who can’t match your brains and wit. A sapiosexual connection, however, will be a huge aphrodisiac. And while you’ll be an unrepentant flirt, don’t forget that you are a Scorpio, and you have a baseline need for stability and security.

With love planet Venus fluttering through Gemini from April 3 to August 7, you’ll be in your erotic element this spring and summer. Single Scorpios could magnetize a mate who is both delectable and devoted. Surprise! An old flame could be rekindled while Venus is retrograde from May 13 to June 25. But if you sense this might turn into a dumpster fire, keep that door firmly closed.

Thankfully, there will be some grounding action going on at the bottom of your chart this year, in Aquarius and your fourth house of roots. From March 21 to July 1, stabilizing Saturn hunkers down in the Water Bearer’s domain. You may feel some early rumblings of domesticity this spring and summer, but don’t rush into apartment-hunting yet! Wait until Saturn returns to this realm for a longer trek from December 17, 2020, to March 7, 2023. Toward the end of the year, lucky, expansive Jupiter joins the nesting expedition, flowing through Aquarius from December 19, 2020, to December 29, 2021. Near the holidays, you could make an important decision about your living arrangements or a meaningful family matter.

The second half of 2020 could bring exciting financial developments. Beginning June 5, a series of Gemini/Sagittarius eclipses will power up your money axis for 18 months. Eclipses bring hidden possibilities to light, and there are three that touch down here this year, on June 5, November 30 and December 14. These initiatives won’t just stay on the “Great ideas I’ll work on someday” spreadsheet. From June 27, 2020, until January 6, 2021, motivator Mars takes an extended voyage through Aries and your industrious sixth house. The second half of the year is all about turning your ideas into tangible form!

This Mars cycle will bring lots of momentum for a wellness quest. But you’ll have to fight your tendency to obsessively burrow into work. Put in measures so you don’t skip meals or let exercise slip until you get the job done. Make healthy eating and movement a non-negotiable part of your daily routines. Lean into Saturn’s flair for structure and schedule your work around your wellbeing—instead of the other way. A radical notion, but one that will keep fuel in your tank!

Best LOVE Compatibility...

Scorpio and Cancer Love Compatibility - 80%

Both these amphibians are similar and different in their own ways. As such, a love match between Scorpio and Cancer can be interesting. While the crab is non-confrontational, the Scorpio seldom takes no for an answer. As such, it is clear that this relationship compatibility will have one controlling individual. However, the crab has a limit. As such, once the Cancer man and Cancer woman has reached their limit of control, they will shut the scorpion down with a snap.

Cancer is a zodiac that puts heart into anything they do. Don't mistake it for passion, no… it is emotion! This emotion coupled with the intense Scorpio passion is sure to lead to fireworks in the bedroom for these two. While The Scorpion is well-known for being great lovers, Cancer zodiac native can rock anyone's world, if they love them enough.

The Scorpio and Cancer relationship is an interesting one. While both Scorpio man and Cancer woman and vice-versa are ruled by their inherent amphibian nature, you will find that one finds peace by the sea, while the other feels aroused. Both are negative water signs. Which means that their inherent responses to conflict are similar. As such, they will tend to find a common ground most of the times.

This will be a union that sees blurry communication, but a great connection. Because, the crab pins all their emotion on the Scorpio, while the Scorpio makes pleasing the Cancer their passion. It is a beautiful juxtaposition. Both Cancer and Scorpio signs are territorial and indiscretion is simply implausible in this pair. More so, they will seldom feel like stepping out of the relationship due to the intensity of their sex life.

Scorpio and Virgo Love Compatibility - 85%

What do you think will happen with the passionate Scorpio and the nurturing Virgo fall in love? It will be a whirlwind romance! This is a love pairing that may just give vertigo to the people around them. They will have ups and downs. Both the signs, despite being zodiac neighbours, cannot be more different from one another. While the earthy Virgo is calm and composed, the water-sign Scorpio doesn’t hold anything back. So you can imagine the sheer dynamism of this relationship.

The bedroom is bound to be active for this couple. As we know, Scorpio is all about raw passion, Virgo is sensual and sexual by their very nature. Both these astrological zodiac signs aren’t known to shy away from the act of love making for any reason other than loyalty. And if they are loyal to each other, there is no reason why there won’t be rainfall and puddles!

namic. Exciting. Enriching. Dreamy.

All of these words describe what a Scorpio Virgo relationship can be like at its best moments. The Virgo and Scorpio are very different from each other, and “opposites attract” is a true fact in their case. Here is a pairing that will have great conversations and even greater laughs. They are both vocal about their likes and dislikes and as such, misunderstandings seem difficult with them.

In fact, this is the couple you will notice sitting at the bar, trying to get others to hit on their partner, and judge them on their attempt. While the Virgo may get bored of the game sooner, the Scorpio will not stop until the Virgo offers sex in return.

Yes, this would be a dynamic, exciting, enriching and dreamy relationship!

Very rarely does it so happen that a pairing can be so perfect and perfectly horrid at the same time. As such, it is imperative that the individuals involved take time before they jump into a serious commitment. Knowing these two zodiacs, commitments last for a lifetime.

Take time with the courtship and test the waters well before you jump in. The sex will be great, but don’t let that be the only reason why you commit. Both signs have great minds. Your zodiac signs compatibility will depend entirely on that!

Scorpio and Scorpio Love Compatibility 82,5%

The Scorpio and Scorpio love match is a good one, until they become adversaries or are competing for the same position. If they can avoid such a situation they can develop a very good chemistry because they understand each other so well. There are aspects in a Scorpio's personality that only, and only, another Scorpio can understand. And they know it, which is why they get along very well, and can provide each other a lot of emotional support. However they are more reserved when it comes to discussing their equation with another person.

Scorpio-Scorpio Sexual Compatibility:

The Scorpio-Scorpio sexual compatibility can be great, like a dream come true when things go right, because both at so passionate; but sometimes it can be like a terrible nightmare, because their sexual energy and inner rigidity can be tough to handle. So this Scorpio Scorpio relationship can to both extremes, from being great to being miserable. When things are going smoothly, the intensity of their sex can be amazing.

The positive aspects of a two Scorpio compatibility is that, minus the emotions, both their minds will provide great stimulus when they communicate, especially at the intellectual level. The things they talk about, though, can be depressing things, not because they like it, but because they understand one another in areas that other people usually avoid dealing with. The positive upshot of this is that it makes them realise that they are not alone, a reassurance which can actually have an healing influence.

The best aspects in a Scorpio man and Scorpio woman relationship is that they are both brave, passionate, resourceful, and can be a true friend. They understand each others' emotions, especially the dark ones, so well, that it can cause envy in other people. However, for this to happen they will both have to be open-minded about their feelings and accept each others' inner needs.

Scorpio and Capricorn Love Compatibility - 85%

The compatibility between Capricorn and Scorpio are so extensive and deep-ranging that it makes it unbelievably easy for them to relate to each other. This builds an immense, almost-enviable sense of understanding between the two. They share complementary belief systems and tend to function along the same principles.

The mutual admiration and respect that Capricorn and Scorpio have for each other comes from the fact that they are both extremely determined to their chosen professions and do not compromise stability for anything else in life. Their drive and silent passion, which are so difficult to understand for the rest of the zodiac, are the qualities that make them work on the fundamental level.

The goat shies away from expressing its emotions and feelings, even to its partner. However, while this might be the breaking point of their relationship with most other zodiac signs, it does not deter the Scorpion in the slightest. The latte has an immense intuition and understanding of the Capricorn’s inner psyche. Thus, the Scorpion do not put the goat under pressure to express openly, which ultimately leads to the Capricorn trusting someone like he/she has never before.

The passion from the Scorpion will attract the Capricorn, while the latter will ground the fleeting moods of the Scorpion with ease. It is an incredible compatibility match that ticks all the boxes required for scripting a beautiful tale of love between two extremely complementary souls.

Scorpio and Pisces Love Compatibility - 80%

Both Scorpio and Pisces are Water signs. They connect to each other almost immediately due to their depth of emotion and draw each other through their strong intuitive senses.

From the very beginning, Scorpio and Pisces love match has an unambiguous understanding of each other's persona as well as psyche. The mystery of the Scorpion baits the Fish into falling for him/her, while the uptight behavior of the former is smoothened by the gentleness of a Piscean.

The sexual chemistry between Pisces and Scorpio signs will be unlike any other pair of the zodiac circle. The sexually submissive Pisces is a perfect match for the dominant and raw corporeal energy of the Scorpion. They form a different but dominant connection in the bedroom that is set apart completely from the rest of their relationship.

Scorpios are extremely convoluted psychologically and can be complex creatures to understand for even the most patient signs of the zodiac. This is where the unique powers of the Piscean come in. This sign loves to please those around it and thrives on connecting with the complexities of human behavior. It might be the only sign that can truly attempt to understand the emotional turmoil inside a Scorpio.