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Neptune is in Pisces and don’t you know it. Mars is there too. Pisces, there is a lot of confusion this week about how you appear and how you present. Manage that confusion by being aware of what a Mars-Neptune conjunction can bring. You’ll have a lot to think about where the world of ‘Me, Me, Me’ is concerned, because your physical appearance, your style, and your reputation (the box people put you into) is such an issue. Try to keep it clear and utterly real – regarding public relations, publicity, cosmetic surgery, haircuts, eye laser surgery, personalised number plates, business cards and so on, until you are past this weekend. The rather chaotic, shambolic nature of Neptune (seaweed clogging up your seaweed) is pretty familiar to you, in terms of how you deal with your name, title, image, persona and so on. So, you know how to deal with it at this time. Other people are so disorganised, en masse, that the confusion filters down to you. This can make what appeared to be a straightforward situation very complicated. Astrology is about proactive management.

Monthly Horoscope...

June 2020 Pisces Horoscope

Summer could get off to a languid start, and that’s perfectly okay with you, Pisces. Not only is the Sun lounging in Gemini and your fourth house of home and family, putting you in domestic spirits, but monastic Saturn is in Aquarius and your twelfth house of solitude, closure and healing from March 21 to July 1. That’s on top of four planets (Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto) already in slowed-down retrograde motion as the month begins, to be joined by a back-spinning Mercury and Neptune (your ruler) in the second half of June. Your mantra for the month may be “when in doubt, wait it out.”

Luckily, you’re an imaginative Pisces and can easily keep yourself amused with creative projects and 100 other ways to lose track of time. Don’t let us stop you! But be ready because there will be two game-changing eclipses this month, which could bring sudden change to your career and personal life. That’s all the more reason not to overload your schedule. You may need to be prepared to take quick, decisive action!

On June 5, the first of these events arrives: A lunar (full moon) eclipse sweeps through Sagittarius, igniting your tenth house of career and leadership. A chapter of your professional life could rocket to new heights of success—or it could come to a swift and unexpected turning point. If opportunity knocks, you’ll certainly want to answer and see who’s there. And if a position or client is “eclipsed” away, trust that it’s clearing space for something better.

This is the inaugural eclipse in a series that will ripple across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis between now and December 2021, reshuffling your work-life balance and bringing major change to your home, family, career and public affairs. You may relocate, change jobs or alter your lifestyle in a notable way. Your relationship with your mother, father or both could undergo a big transformation as Gemini and Sagittarius rule the “parent” houses of your chart.

The pace picks up later in the month as the Sun blazes into Cancer and your fifth house of passion, creativity and self-expression on June 20. Right as the summer solstice arrives, temperatures rise, and your appetite for adventure returns. If you’ve been sticking so close to home you’ve lost sight of the wider world, venture out to (safely) play again. A flirtation could move toward something more serious, even if you stick to “Zoom dates” and long phone conversations.

Coupled Pisces might spice things up, if only between the same four walls. Find a way to get back in touch with your body and desires—and to bring more physical activity into your life. If you can afford to, treat yourself to a couple cute summer outfits, even if only a handful of people will appreciate your adorable seasonal style update. (If you need a little extra attention or admiration, no shame—that’s why the gods created Instagram.

As for anyone who gives you a hard time about that? Well, they might not belong on Team Pisces, to be frank. And you’ll find out just who’s in your corner on April 4, when truth-teller Jupiter and transformational Pluto make their first of 2020’s three rare unions in Capricorn, sweeping through your eleventh house of groups and technology. Is it time to unfriend a few people, both on social media and IRL? Distance yourself from energy vampires and anyone who brings you down. Maybe you need to firmly step up and shift some toxic group dynamics or to rise up and take leadership of a venture that’s losing steam.

How about bringing some new players into the mix? A powerhouse collaboration could ignite at the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. Take stock of your network and the well-connected, inspiring people you know. Is it time to join forces on a big idea, perhaps one that supports your community or helps those affected by the COVID-19 crisis?

Horoscope 2020

New you, new crew? There’s power in numbers in 2020, and collaborating could take your brilliant ideas to amazing heights. But are you ready for what this mission requires, Pisces? Read on…

Come on up for air, Pisces. And while you’re at it, take some cleansing breaths. Your Pisces 2020 horoscope gives you planetary permission to exhale. And maybe slip off for a meditation retreat around the March 21 equinox, too! Last year, no-limits Jupiter climbed to the top of your chart, working its magic in your tenth house of success.

Some Fish spent 2019 with gills to the grindstone, developing your magnum opus or creating a venture that aligned with your ideals. You may have traveled for work, hustled remotely (and independently) or, like many Pisceswe know, finally screwed up the courage to leave a corporate gig to pursue your passions. No matter what rung of the ladder you’re on in 2020, your 2020 Pisces horoscope reveals you will not be lonely at the top. (Nor at the ground floor, the coworking cubicle, in coach or business class.)

That’s because, since December 2, 2019, Jupiter has been soaring through Capricorn and your ultra-social, egalitarian eleventh house. Until December 19, 2020, the red-spotted rabble rouser will accompany transformational Pluto and serious Saturn through this sector, lifting the heavier vibes these weighty planets have cast over your social life since December 2017. This triumphant trio hasn’t teamed up in Capricorn since 1285 C.E., so yes, Pisces, 2020 is going to bring some big-deal revelations about the kinds of people you want to surround yourself with. The eleventh house is the humanitarian zone, and this planetary push could ignite your activism…just in time for a climactic U.S. Presidential election or other tide-turning global events.

Career and Money

Get out and mingle like it was your job this year…because it might just be, especially near January 12, when power brokers Saturn and Pluto make an exact conjunction in Capricorn for the first time since the 1500s. There’s a popular equation created by business guru Jim Rohm: To find your current earning potential, average the net worth of the five people closest to you. While we’re not suggesting you judge people based on their balance sheets, this can be an eye-opening exercise. You can run the same “numbers” when it comes to love: Are the five people closest to you in flourishing relationships or constantly pinging between highs and heartbreaks? You’re influenced by the company you keep. Surround yourself with people who are thriving and watch your own “social capital” rise.

When it comes to money-making missions and creative projects, this is the year to tap the hive mind and assemble a power posse. Start casting for new collaborators as soon as January 10, when the first of two buoyant eclipses helps you magnetize your soul squad. On June 5, a new series of eclipses will ripple across your home and career axis, touching down in Gemini (your domestic fourth house) and Sagittarius (your ambitious tenth). Consider this another push from the stars to nail the “work-life balance” thing…which may require you to delegate and collaborate. Teamwork makes the dream work in 2020!

Love and Relationships

Romance could take a back burner to the “one love” vibes of your friendship groups this year. But that doesn’t mean Cupid’s gone AWOL. Coupled Fish should find a “school” where you both feel comfortable swimming, which could literally involve signing up for a workshop series together or something more active, like crewing a sailboat or joining a summer lawn bowling league. Single Pisces could make that fortuitous right swipe on a dating app. You might even reconnect to an old flame when Jupiter meets up with seductive Pluto during a dual retrograde on June 30.

Speaking of which, both of the “love planets”—Venus and Mars—have a retrograde spell in 2020. First up is Venus, who will reverse commute through Gemini and your sensitive, domestic fourth house from May 13 to June 25. During this time, your nesting instincts go into overdrive, and you’ll crave a lot more private one-on-one time with your S.O. Did you give a “nice person” the cold shoulder? Regrets could lead to recourse and a possible romance now. If you’re doing any home renovations, Venus will be on an extended roll through Gemini from April 3 to August 7. Just cross out the retrograde dates…or get plans in motion before May 13! Since Venus guides our values and how we spend our cash, this cycle can get you serious about building your nest egg.

Mars is the lusty force that also drives our ambitions and will be thrusting through Aries from June 27, 2020, to January 6, 2021. The Ram rules your sensual-but-sensible second house, which is also the sector of values and income. Your tastes could fluctuate wildly—in everything from Tinder dates to job titles—while Mars emboldens you to try new things. But when the red planet flips into retrograde from September 9 to November 13, rein it in and find your center. Then, as the year draws to a close, you can stretch without snapping.

Best LOVE Compatibility...

Pisces and Taurus Love Compatibility - 85%

The Taurus and Pisces will share an amazing bond of love where they will love to adore each other’s even smallest of the acts. It is known that the earth and water sign complement each other very well. They will be completely dedicated and loyal to each other and will love to take care of one another, hence nurturing their relationship to the next level of romance. Taurus will help Pisces in being close to reality. Taurus man is full of expectations and this nature of his, is well guarded by Pisces, who will try to soothe their rigidity. This will help them to stay positive and confident about whatever tasks they take up in their lives.

They both believe in waiting for their perfect match, rather than being with the wrong one. They will want to experience every level of love in their relationship. They both will put up equal efforts to establish a happy and successful relationship between them.

The Taurean will be benefitted a lot by the emotional side of the Piscean. The Pisces will always be there in times of hot and cold for the Taurean, will always make them feel comfortable in their hard times and will help them to remain close to the sensitive portion of their heart.

The Taurus, on the other hand, will help the Pisces to gain clarity about their ambitions. This will help both of them to achieve their goals in reality. Their zodiac signs relationship will emerge as their best decision of life if handled with care and compassion.

Pisces and Cancer Love Compatibility - 80%

One of the main similarities in the Pisces and Cancer is that they are both dreamy and romantic. While the Cancer is very self-driven and motivated, the Pisces believes in walking their own path. Whether you agree with it or not. This compatibility tends to draw these two zodiac signs to each other.

Pisces and Cancer, both believe in going over the top to express their love and romance. So, needless to say, here is a couple that will have weekly dinner dates, will love candle-lit meals and have a monthly membership at the local florist. Cancer and Pisces believe that love is incomplete without romance.

Being sensitive and expressive beings, one can only assume that the bedroom will be a very important part of this relationship. Here is a pair of Pisces man and Cancer woman and vice-versa who will do anything for the one they love, no boundaries spared!

Pisces and Cancer are both very similar to each other. This could be a very major pro in the relationship. They are both dreamers, they both love staying in, they both are the kinds who are very selective of the ones they invest their emotions in.

Pisces and Cancer relationships are what seem perfect, to the outside world. No one will see them having an overt disagreement, let alone a fight. They are both sensitive, as such, they will seldom cross the line when voicing their opinions.

Both these water signs will have a great equation, finding a common ground, almost, as soon as a difference as occurred.

The Pisces Cancer union is a beautiful one. Both zodiacs are normally blessed with appealing looks and attractive minds. They are both prone to be drawn to each other. Mostly, for very valid reasons. However, both the zodiac star signs need to make sure that they do not let their love overpower them.

Just like sailing a ship on the water is fun, but being stuck in a sinking ship under water is not, this relationship needs to stay afloat, or the people in the relationship, may drown under the weight of their emotions.

Pisces and Scorpio Love Compatibility - 80%

Since Pisces are Scorpio are both ruled by a common element (water), they relate to each other almost effortlessly. Both understand the beliefs and values each represents and have an ensuing sense of respect for each other.

They believe to function on intuition and instinct. This is the reason for their immense attraction to each other and is also responsible for a sense of connection between the Scorpio and Pisces from the word go.

The strong and secretive personality of the Scorpion entices the Fish, while the kind and compassionate behaviour of the latter attracts the former. The Pisces man and Scorpio womanhave the mutual attraction from the very first time they interact with each other and it only grows as and when they spend more time together. This is also the case in the relationship between a Scorpio man and Pisces woman who may also find each other appealing right from their initial meetings and be eager to know one another.

The biggest positive of this relationship is the almost unreal level of physical chemistry that they build with each other. Their sexual chemistry is a level above almost any other pair of the zodiac and thus, take create some unforgettable moments for the duo in the bedroom.

The erratic behaviour and complex personality of the Scorpion might be frustrating for most zodiac signs, but it does not deter the Piscean in the slightest. The fish is a gentle, kind, and patient sign that has the potential to break the walls around the Scorpion’s emotional side.

On the other hand, the innocence of Pisces makes Scorpio feel protective about the Piscean. Hence, Scorpio makes sure to do everything in its power to make Pisces feel safeguarded and cherished, which in turn, brings out the best in the Fish.

Though there are a few problems that might test this relationship, these star sign compatibility of two water signs has many features that can help it survive. Pisces and Scorpio are both passionate in their own ways and thus, end up striking the perfect rhythm with each other.

If and when they decide to commit to the relationship, they can script a special story of camaraderie and bliss with each other.

Pisces and Capricorn Love Compatibility - 85%

Both Pisces and Capricorn are quiet in their own ways, at least in the initial chunk of their love relationship. While the Piscean is too shy to open up very quickly, the Capricorn is too reserved to say too much very soon. Hence, both the sides tend to take their time with understanding each other when it comes to this relationship, thereby making sure that it progresses at a slow but smooth pace.

The strength exhibited by the Capricorn is what attracts the Piscean towards him/her. On the other hand, the gentle nature of the Piscean entices the Goat. Visit Pisces Compatibility to know how Pisces compatible with other zodiac signs.

The kind and trusting Fish believes in the Goat with closed eyes and that, in turn, helps the Capricorn shed his/her doubts too. This mutual trust between Capricorn and Pisces is what makes their relationship tick over long periods of time.

Pisces is a mutable sign while Capricorn is a cardinal sign. This means the former can adapt significantly to changing circumstances. Thus, the Piscean is adept at handling the requirements of the Capricorn.

The differences that they have bring them together instead of pushing them apart. The Fish develops mental fortitude after drawing inspiration from its partner, while the Goat learns softens up a little bit due to the kindness of the Piscean. Discover about the Pisces Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility.

Pisces and Pisces Love Compatibility - 82,5%

The Pisces Pisces love match is very high because this romance is like a fairytale, and their perfect emotional and intellectual connect is something that no other sign can achieve with them. The way they care for each other is an example for people around them to follow. Their changeable quality will manifest through emotional changes and inconsistent behaviour. But in a Pisces-Pisces Love relationship, their rapport is so good that they will naturally know when to come closer and when to maintain a distance to prevent the equation from getting boring.

Pisces-Pisces Sexual Compatibility:

The Pisces-Pisces sexual compatibility, when it does happen, works like magic. The problem is it takes a lot of time and trouble to happen, if it does happen at all. Mostly it just remains in the platonic realms. The difficulty is that though they are such a perfectly matched couple, and can converse quite easily, they have trouble making the first move when it comes to matters of sex. Besides, being so emotionally close, they tend to feel that having sex may spoil their relationship and emotional rapport, so they just let things drift. However, in the cases where sex does happen, they will understand each others' needs perfectly even without being told, thus making the Pisces compatibility in bed truly beautiful.

The positive points in a Pisces-Pisces relationship are that they are both dreamy people and when in love will share all their dreams with each other. This can be very inspiring for the other partner. They will not only encourage each other tacitly, but also verbally. And they will not only encourage each other but also push each other actively to achieve their respective goals.