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Weekly horoscope...

A parent-child or family circle, household or domestic partnership relationship in your world now will dominate the atmosphere of your week. It doesn’t matter who’s playing the parent, or who’s playing the child (you may be mothering your own grandmother) but what is important, is the end of a long run of this ‘weather’ in your astrology chart which began on November 7th 2018 and won’t end in full until Mercury Retrograde budges around July 29th, 2020. When it comes to the house, the flat, or your flatmates (or live-in partners) the issue is the same. An exchange of energy can open your eyes to some home truths about closure.

The family, household, property, local or national karma is behind you now from the last time the North Node was in Cancer, April 10th, 2000 to October 13th, 2001. That all finished on May 6th, 2020. Yet, there is still a loop of discussion, paperwork or planning and a blind spot you need to neatly avoid on the Cancer eclipse of June 21st. Take a deep breath and zigzag your way through this, but you eventually end up with ‘the way it’s going to be’ in the week ending September 6th, 2020.

Monthly horoscope...

March 2021 Aries Horoscope

This month begins with the sun in a spiritual and reflective zone until March 20. Last month was fairly hectic, but the coming weeks bring a chance to mull over all that has happened, come to some conclusions, find some answers, and tie up loose ends.

In fact, as fiery Mars moves into Gemini on the third, this can be a great time to start journaling as a way to make the most of the year ahead. Whatever occurs to you in meditation, this is the time to write it down. Journal about anything and everything, including your goals and desires, and you could be surprised by how things pick up and problems get solved

The new moon on March 13 can be helpful for taking up a spiritual practice or creating a daily schedule that enables you to live to your full potential. And with chatty Mercury moving into Pisces on the fifteenth, you’ll be more in tune with your feelings and spiritual guidance and able to make wise decisions.

The sun glides into your sign on the twentieth for a four-week stay, so you may soon feel a surge of energy that can assist you with getting key projects off the ground. You could feel more fired up in general.

And with sultry Venus entering your sign the next day, you’ll have the attractor factor too. The combination of the sun and sweet Venus could inspire you to reach out to others for support, friendship, and networking purposes.

The full moon in Libra and across your relationship axis on March 28 brings your feelings into the open where it might be difficult to ignore them. In fact, this isn’t such a bad thing because it enables you to know what’s going on beneath the surface. It could give you some vital clues, especially in a relationship situation.

YEARLY Horoscope 2021

Welcome to a new year, Aries! The Ram has plenty to look forward to on this great adventure in 2021. On a personal level, there are many twists and turns for your ambitious sign to conquer. There is a ton of firepower sparkling through the skies, especially after your personal planet Mars kept those irons hot and tested you through a great deal during 2020's long yet passionate retrograde phase. A quick recap of the timing on this: Your home planet entered shadow on July 25 at 15 degrees, stationing retrograde on September 9 at 28 degrees; then the god of war stationed direct on November 13 at 15 degrees; and is finally clearing shadow to start this brand new year on January 2 at 28 degrees

Aries and Aries Love Compatibility - 82,5%

Aries are very passionate about love. They will give all their attention to their partners and expect the same in return. They are independent and do not like to be suffocated or controlled in any way. They will not allow anyone to take control and will not in any way try to control their partner either. The Aries Aries love match is a balance of passion and solitude at the same time.

Aries-Aries Sexual Compatibility:

An Aries zodiac sign native will enjoy sexual relationship with another Aries however the biggest problem of Aries and Aries could be their possible selfishness. Mars will stand for satisfaction in the physical sense, but no Venus – no emotion. There will be less talks and more action. Their thoughts must be turned to their partner with no exception if they plan for their sexual relationship to work.

...For Aries and Aries love compatibility to work, they will always need to work on compromise otherwise the two goats can end up with locked horns if the differences are not cut in the nip. Aries and Aries relationship can be a powerful one as they will be able to build an empire together and take on the world when they are with each other. The relationship between Aries man and Aries woman can be sophisticated and status-seeking—they love dressing up and turning heads as a dashing duo. To minimize fighting, one of them should take charge at a time.

Aries and Gemini Love Compatibility - 85%

This is an exciting and vibrant love match that is likely to bring out the best from both the partners. An Aries is drawn to the wit and intelligence of the Gemini, while the latter falls for the confidence and strength of the former.

The spontaneity of the Aries native works well will the unpredictability of the Twins, which is the main reason for the vivacious nature of their relationship. This is a bond that will never be mundane or boring. Both of you will always have a trick up your sleeves to keep the relationship lively and more often than not, you will thoroughly enjoy the company of your partner even after you have been together for years.

..The fact that Aries and Gemini have just one sign between them on the zodiac chart helps them understand each other on an almost visceral level. The ease with which Gemini zodiac natives handle all kinds of social situations is admired by Aries man and woman. On the other hand, the Ram's conviction and emotional resilience is extremely helpful to settle the Gemini's nerves, which are as fickle as his overall mindset.

Bedroom intimacy between Gemini Aries couples is enhanced by Gemini's seductive verbal communication and the uninhibited energy and passion from the Arian. Both the signs add to their bedroom chemistry in different ways, thus bringing out the best from each other. The flow of ideas between Aries and Gemini is natural and thus, they are both extremely potent at creating and starting some exceptional projects together. They have the tendency to complete each other when it comes to ideation and thought process.

Aries and Leo Love Compatibility - 80%

If an Aries and Leo decide to be together in life, there is nothing that can stop them. Aries and Leo have kindred by nature. They are passionate, fearless and highly social in life. Together they make a power couple for they can achieve anything in life through their vigor and valor.

Leo and Aries are attracted to each other for their self-reliance and they seem to bond over in their very first interaction. They generate a powerful and strong aura apart from being well-versed with the art of flirtations.

...Both Aries and Leo are faithful and devout pair. Both are frank about their interior as well as exterior motives in life and thus, trust each other like no other in the zodiac signs.

They motivate and support each other in life for they are well aware of each other’s ambitions and dreams in life. They let each other enjoy the spotlight as it comes their way. Since they are open about their feelings, they form a passionate, enthusiastic and secure pair.

They have the capability to go out of the way for each other. For them, it is always “you before me” sort of feeling for each other. Thus, they form a powerful bonding between each other in a short period. Know about other zodiac sign compatibility.

Aries and Sagittarius Love Compatibility - 80%

Both Aries man and Sagittarius woman have an extremely ebullient personality that is filled with liveliness and optimism. Their shared positive outlook on life helps them push each other in times of difficulties, while keeping unnecessary negativity away from Sagittarius and Aries relationship.

These signs are passionate, aggressive, and extremely extroverted. They will not take time to fall for each other and it is likely that their relationship will move at a quicker pace than expected.

The Aries is attracted to the free spirit and unflinching individuality of the Sagittarius. The Archer, on the other hand, falls for the powerful persona and unwavering confidence of the Ram, which also makes the association between the Sagittarius man and Aries woman a reliable one.

...The physical as well as emotional intimacy that these signs share is second to none. The chemistry that Aries and Sagittarius build with each other in the bedroom churns out something exciting and exhilarating for the duo, almost every time.

Both of them are short tempered and are likely to bicker every now and then. However, the best thing about the same is that Aries and Sagittarius do not hold grudges for too long and forgive easily. This helps them get over any argument with ease and avoid letting it hamper the growth of their bond.

It is almost as if the two fire signs have enduring reserves of energy and will never run out of the same. However, if one of them does feel the gloom from time to time, the other is aware and understanding enough to lift his/her partner’s spirits almost immediately.

Aries and Aquarius Love Compatibility - 85%

The Aries man and Aquarius woman love match will be exciting for both the individuals. The constantly swaying the Aquarians will draw the Aries to them like a moth, while the charming personality of the latter will enthrall the former.

It is a highly creative match that will never struggle for originality and fresh ideas. Even in the case of the Aquarius man and Aries woman. where both are idealistic individuals and will thus understand each other's drive towards creating a perfect world for their relationship to build in

...The communication between these two signs will always be loaded with interesting content and thought-provoking opinions. The open-mindedness and acceptance of the Aquarius will go a long way into building admiration in the heart of the Aries.

The ram zodiac, in turn, will help materialize the water-bearer's wayward dreams into definite reality. This can be a major constituent to keep Aries and Aquarius relationship ticking. Both the partners have a lot to learn from each other, but for that, they must be willing to readily keep their egos to the side and open themselves up for real.