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...Tabloid Journalism. If you've ever been to a grocery store, you've seen them: the tabloids. These are magazines focused on salacious celebrity gossip and sensational news, which you know must be considered with a certain degree of skepticism.

...People often reference tabloid magazines to imply that something is blown out of proportion. They have come to be known as entertaining yet nasty magazines full of lies and harsh jokes about the celebrities and their alternate universe that we only see in… well… the tabloids. I couldn’t help but wonder, have tabloids always been so harsh and untrustworthy? Or were they at one time a reliable source of gossip?

... one of the first incidents of this “tabloid effect” was when Orson Welles delivered his program on War of the Worlds on the radio. Entertainment gone array, people were terrified of what they were hearing on the radio. People were shoving their families into the car and driving into the mountains, shooting water towers which they came to believe were space crafts, and held others at gunpoint for gasoline and water. It was a mess!

...But how does this relate to tabloid magazines? The term tabloid came about in 1884. A tabloid was a name for a type of pill that held compacted powder. In 1998, people began using the term tabloid to refer to a compressed or small dose of something. The term tabloid has evolved over time, both connotatively and denotatively. It has eventually come to be known as a sensationalized magazine or newspaper with sometimes barely truthful facts and stories which mainly include celebrities and scandals.

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