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...Kasamba is a tried and tested destination for online psychic readings. The company specializes in a wide variety of psychic readings, including career advice, love readings, dream analysis, tarot and astrology. Kasamba lets you choose between a live chat, phone or email reading. Get answers to your burning questions on a platform that’s comfortable for you.

Yes. Kasamba ensures the quality of its psychic readers through an internal quality assurance team. The screening process for advisors includes a background check, a test reading, and a personal interview.

In addition, Kasamba takes its customer feedback seriously, and follows up to ensure quality standards are always upheld. The careful screening process ensures you enjoy service from experienced, professional psychic readers.

  • 3 minutes free whenever you try a new psychic
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Wide variety of specialties

...California Psychics is one of the oldest-standing networks, making its reputation for reliability worth a lot. Additionally, its rewards program makes the whole experience even more inviting. California Psychics’ reader profiles are pretty in-depth, so members can get a very accurate picture of who they’re talking to and whether or not their personality, skills, and reading styles will be a good fit.

California Psychics specializes in tarot readings for those tricky times in life. You might be at a crossroads, or a relationship may be giving you a run for your money. Whatever the reason, these qualified readers will help guide you toward the right answers.

  • Karma rewards points program
  • Excellent screening and ranking process
  • Convenient mobile app

...Keen is such a popular psychic reading network because it has tens of thousands of readers available. This bodes well for someone who is not in the mood to wait for an appointment or needs answers right now. Additionally, the reviews for Keen’s tarot readers are almost entirely positive. With a wide range of readers who use a combination of methods including 3 card spreads and different types of decks. Keen offers honest, straightforward, and unusually accurate readings for life’s greatest challenges including relationship issues and career choices.

  • Karma rewards points program
  • Excellent screening and ranking process
  • Convenient mobile app

...Psychic Source is easily one of the most reliable and trusted psychic networks in the industry. It has many years of experience building a client base of many thousands of satisfied customers via the various types of readings. Tarot reading is one of its specialties, with hundreds of readers using this tool. Psychic Source also has a great guide to tarot readings for first-time visitors with videos and articles explaining the process, the major arcana cards, and their meanings.

Another reason to try Psychic Source is that the site screens its readers heavily, so not just anyone with a crystal ball can get into the network. People who opt for this service know they are receiving readings from professional and experienced readers.

  • Excellent reputation for reliable, gifted psychics
  • Psychics are all screened
  • Satisfaction guarantee

...I really love how hands on they are and the readings are always correct and spot on the money.

...Because they hit everything right on the spot. They were right about everything they told me. I was very surprised at there answers but happy

...Biddy Tarot is a website that has already helped millions of people in learning to read tarot on their own. Biddy Tarot’s motto is to help people not to predict the future, but to help them create it.

They use and teach tarot to help people deepen their connection with their intuition even further to help guide and bring clarity to people’s life. This is done through their free online training program and blog post. Additionally, Biddy Tarot even has a podcast that discusses all things tarot.

...The best thing I have ever done for myself in my Tarot journey was to take the Certification course. I had been reading the Tarot for years and was self-taught. I didn’t know anyone who read the Tarot but me and it was a lonely, and if I may say so a confusing path, trying to learn on my own. The I found the Biddy Community. I completed the Master the Tarot Card Meanings, which is step one in November 2016. I then completed Read Tarot with Confidence in February 2017. I received my Certified Biddy Tarot Reader in May of 2017.

...The Tarot Lady can be a great site to go to when a beginner needs help understanding the cards. The Tarot Lady helps break down each card with its meaning in both positions and provides thought-provoking questions that can help guide a story to the answers.

In addition to giving readings the typical meaning for the cards, The Tarot Lady also provides a modern meaning to the cards. This allows people to understand the cards in a fresh way that resonates with the changing times of the new age.

...A site that is dedicated in helping people with their own spiritual development is Super Tarot. This site focuses particularly on tarot card meanings and attributions. Tarot attributes help people understand tarot and their element sign and their Zodiac sign.

This is because many people believe that tarot readings draw on those attributes to help guide the cards into providing relevant answers. Not only are there plenty of articles to help people, they also have videos that can help explain readings and cards too! Anyone that is a visual learner will sure love Super Tarot.

...Thank you for being the best fortune path tracker. I feel motivated to do things now and I thank you for all of the advice you send me."

...Very accurate and insightful reading! Also many different styles to choose from based on your situation or question, and always a quick reply just in case you need to contact anyone by email! Love Trusted Tarot, they definitely live up to their name!"

..."I have been extremely happy with my 2 readings that Ive had thus far. I was so impressed by the fact that the readings were so accurate I could hardly believe it. I felt a total connection into my situation. It was very helpful for me. I would highly recommend trying this site. Dee"

...Mary K. Greer is a professional tarot consultant who has written several books about tarot such as Who Are You in the Tarot? and 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card. Greer also has one of the best sites out there, Mary K. Greer’s Blog, for anyone who wants to learn tarot.

Since 2007, Greer has been posting articles about tarot on any topics that you can think of. Her topics ranged from tarot and psychology to tarot tips and techniques to professional tarot and everything in between. Learn from someone who has one the International Tarot Lifetime Achievement Award and check-out Greer’s blog.

...Tarot Teachings is a wonderful site that many people go to when they are first learning tarot. This site has a wealth of information to learn the basics all the way to the more advanced readings. At Tarot Teachings, you can discover what the tarot suits are, the tarot symbol meanings and more!

The best part about the site is the tarot FAQ section that helps answers those questions that everyone seems to have. Tarot Teachings helps everyone with tarot in an approachable way that helps people with tarot through self-discovery.

...Tarot Elements has been a trusted site for years when it comes to learning tarot. Tarot Elements’s goals are to help people learn to read tarot for themselves and others to help give them clarity ion their life.

There are many articles to help guide people through understanding tarot to full-on tutorials for different types of readings that people can perform. And an important element on the Tarot Elements site is an “All About You” section that helps you connect your mind, body, and spirit through psychology, personal development, meditation articles.

...I don't read many tarot books, because I prefer just developing a relationship with the cards on my own, but Melissa Cynova has won me over with full, trusting heart. I did not follow her advice (sorry Melissa!) and read the whole book rather than work through each section. But this allowed me to see the progression of the readings, get a feel for the gentle strength required for the homework, and frankly work up the courage to dive into the fire reading. Oh boy, was it worth it.

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