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Jupiter and Pluto are in Capricorn, one sign behind you, and this rules your inner world, inner life, secrets, solitude and inner space. This naturally covers religion, astrology, mediumship, tarot cards, channeling, and any other sixth-sense activity. Whatever you are up to now, make a special effort to see the empowerment that comes from willpower as near June 30th it will change your life Time in yoga class exploring your own navel or meditating, interpreting dreams or exploring hypnosis, can bring up aspects of your subconscious mind that show you opening gates, near the 30th, in quite a dramatic way. If you are working on something which is secret, or behind the scenes, or just knowing your God – try to skip any situation which you know will short-change you. Jupiter is about expansion, not contraction. Do not think too small, as we do not see Jupiter conjunct Pluto in your sector of spirituality and soul growth very often, and this is the first of two occasions (another one comes in November) which

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June 2020 Aquarius Horoscope

It’s your galaxy, Aquarius—and the rest of us are just living in it. We’re also learning what #AquariusLife is all about because your co-ruler, master teacher Saturn, is starting to get traction on its first visit to your sign since 1994. From March 21 to July 1, the cosmic Lord of the Rings is spinning through Aquarius, bringing themes of science, society and community to the forefront. And for you specifically, structured Saturn is visiting your first house of identity, reshaping your personal plans and goals—if not outright reinventing life as you know it.

In June, there will also be two game-changing eclipses that shake up everything from your work and daily routines to your social circles and collaborations. As Saturn lays down the mandate to “know thyself,” the eclipses prompt you to question everything.

A little confusing? Well, yeah! Luckily, your sign can handle this kind of complexity and contradiction. So let’s add another layer to the cosmic cake: Four planets are in powered-down retrograde as June begins, and two more (Mercury and Neptune) are set to join the retrograde brigade in the second half of the month. With Saturn, expansive Jupiter, transformational Pluto AND affectionate Venus in reverse for most, if not all, of June, achieving your lofty goals could be a bit of an obstacle course!

But even under these chaotic skies, you’re feeling passionate and playful—ready for any challenge! For that, you can thank the Sun, which is making its annual trek through Gemini and your fifth house of lusty life-force energy until June 20. If quarantine cut into your spring-fling prospects, you could make up for lost time, even if it still happens with Zoom dates or steamy video chats instead of “hands-on” activities. With love planet Venus retrograde in Gemini until June 25, there could be delays—along with the return of an ex or the flare-up of old dramas. (Consider yourself notified.)

As Saturn in Aquarius helps you polish your presentation and be a leader in the world, you should also take stock of the players on Team Aquarius. Are they up to snuff, or is it time to uplevel? On June 5, a Sagittarius lunar (full moon) eclipse beams into your eleventh house of groups and technology. Who are you surrounding yourself with—both in real time AND online?

Eclipses can bring turning points and transitions, and lunar eclipses often mark the end of a chapter, clearing the way for a new one. You may abruptly end your association with a certain crew or step into a prominent new role. Politics or activism could call your name, or you might launch something noteworthy in the digi-verse. Your idealistic sign can become the voice of a cause, championing the rights of an underserved population.

For many people, the lack of privacy from sheltering together has forced new levels of transparency. That could be uncomfortable for your free-spirited sign as you like to maintain a certain amount of emotional distance. This early April transit is an opportunity to adapt and let down your guard. Have you been hanging onto resentment? You may use this opportunity to do some major forgiveness work. Grudges, guilt, shame, blame: Consider letting any of that go now as Jupiter and Pluto set the stage for a breakthrough-level transformation.

Horoscope 2020

Ready for a transformational year? For Aquarius, 2020 is a giant clean-up mission, as you inspect and reinvent every cluttered corner of your life. Want to clear out the old and make space for the shiny and new? Read on…

Your Aquarius 2020 horoscope delivers a transitional message as you straddle two worlds this year: the old one that you’re leaving behind and the new multiverse that’s slowly forming in front of your eyes.

Since December 2, 2019, accelerator Jupiter has joined taskmaster Saturn and evolutionary Pluto in Capricorn and your twelfth house of healing and transitions. Throughout the year, this heavy-hitting trio will mix and mingle with each other, triggering soulful awakenings and forcing you to surrender to the flow of “the universe’s” agenda, even when you were certain you had a better plan in mind.

Career and Money

Periodic plunges into the esoteric realm are unfamiliar. As an Aquarius, “reality” has always been a shifting concept. Plus, Saturn and Pluto have both been on a longer roll through Capricorn. The ringed taskmaster has been trudging along this path since December 19, 2017. Alchemical Pluto has been rowing through the Sea Goat’s waters since November 27, 2008, a 16-year voyage that continues until 2024. On January 12, 2020, Saturn and Pluto will host an ultra-rare meetup at 22º Capricorn, a conjunction that only happens every 35 years. Together, they set your agenda for 2020: Let go so you can grow!

Now that change agent Jupiter has joined the party, there’s no more time for chin-scratching and intellectualizing. Jupiter wants traction, and he wants it now! If your inner child has been on a meandering exploration—or learning “at their own pace”—Jupiter will pull them out of the metaphoric Waldorf School to do some speed learning with a superstar tutor.

We’re not trying to traumatize you here, Aquarius. It’s just that we know you’re ready to make all those shifts that you’ve been talking about in your moon circles, therapy sessions and online master classes. That means picking up the pace and packing up the old stuff. Yes, it will be emotional. There will be losses to grieve, bittersweet farewells, “WTF am I doing?!” moments—especially while Jupiter and Pluto team up on April 4, June 30 and November 12. But on the other side of this turbulence lies a beautiful blank canvas that’s begging to be painted upon with this next chapter of your life!

You’re going to have to be patient with this process though. Slow-moving Saturn makes its presence known in your sign, darting in for a quick visit from March 21 to July 1, then taking up a longer, three-year residence in Aquarius on December 17. This is Saturn’s first return to Aquarius since January 28, 1994. Before astronomers had strong enough telescopes to discover your modern-day ruler, side-spinning Uranus, it was stoic Saturn who was tapped as your galactic guardian. This may explain your otherworldly ability to be totally eccentric one minute and a kickass project manager the next. Hosting Saturn in your sign can feel like cosmic boot camp. But grit your teeth and do the drills, Water Bearer. You’ll emerge stronger, savvier and more successful than you’ve been in years.

Love and Relationships

Yes, Aquarius, this might all sound rather formidable. But take heart! There will be plenty of uplifting transits happening in 2020. On May 5, the lunar North Node heads into Gemini and your festive, flirtatious (and fertile!) fifth house. This 18-month destiny driver will be a creative renaissance for many of you. The stage will call Aquarius performers. Bring down the house at an open mic night or go slay an audition.

Romantically, the North Node’s tour of Gemini, which lasts until January 18, 2022, could bring epic developments. You might meet the love of your life, get engaged or have a baby—or achieve some other self-styled milestone in the game of love. (You write those rules, Aquarius!) A new eclipse series on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis will also galvanize your relationships, beginning with the full moon on June 5. Also, amorous Venus spends an extra-long time in Gemini and your fifth house, from April 3 to August 7. Energetic Mars blazes through Aries and your social third house for nearly half the year—from June 27 until January 6, 2021, to be exact. Although both Venus and Mars will have retrograde phases in 2020, your social calendar will be booked with stimulating rendezvous, both with new people and folks from your past

Best LOVE Compatibility...

Aquarius and Aries Love Compatibility - 85%

The sharp intellect and riveting charm of the Aquarian is what attracts the Arian towards the water bearer. On the other hand, the courage of conviction and mental fortitude that the Aries possesses is what draws the Aquarian towards the Ram.

Aquarius and Aries are both resourceful and extremely innovative people. Their creativity makes their love compatibility and relationship unique and adds a different dimension to it every now and then. They have this immense ability of encouraging each other and initiating personal development in their partner.

Since both Aquarius and Aries are extremely smart individuals, they will never run out of thought-provoking and mentally stimulating conversations. They enjoy every second of being with each other and there is not a single dull moment in between Aquarius and Aries’s relationship.

Since the Aquarian is a progressive and non-judgmental individual, the Ram ends up respecting the water bearer and does not might sharing the deepest of its secrets with him/her. The Arian, in turn, gives a direction to the Aquarian’s thought process, which is all over the place more often than not. This helps put the water bearer’s plans into action which helps creates a sense of positivity and self-assurance within the air sign. Visit Aquarius Compatibility to know how Aquarius compatible with other zodiac signs.

Both Aquarius and Aries signs, with their persistence and power, can change the world together.

Aquarius and Gemini Love Compatibility - 80%

Astrologically speaking, this is a love match that is written in the stars. Aquarius and Gemini couple has so much in common, that it will be difficult for them to stay away from each other. Both driven to knowledge and freedom, Gemini and Aquarius couple will not face the problem of space and trust.

While they will make a great match, it will not be free of friction. When the fixed and mutable meet, you can't keep a war at bay. However, put these two in a closed room together, and their intimacy will drown the sound of all the fireworks. Aquarius Gemini love match can dissociate the intimacy from the love, and how!

The knowledge seeking Gemini is bound to be ethereally attracted to the knowledge bearing Aquarius. The Aquarius on the other hand, gets a great deal of comfort in sharing their sea of knowledge with an eager soul. For them to keep away from each other, seems almost too difficult.

Not just a loving couple, the Aquarius man and Gemini woman and vice-versa will have a relationship that will translate to every walk of life. While most couples can't work together professionally, the Aquarius and Gemini can make a great professional team.

Because neither is really competitive, they will share knowledge and limelight equally. Being naturally charming, this couple will have a lot of admirers and well-wishers. This is the couple that will be active on social media about whatever they are upto together.

Aquarius and Libra Love Compatibility - 80%

Both Aquarius and Libra are air signs. Thus, it is easier for them to understand and match each other than most other zodiac signs and they have an innate ability to read each other even in the initial stages of their love relationship. However, they are both practical enough to take it slow in the first few phases of the relationship and to give each other the time and space to know more about the other.

The dedication and ambition displayed by the Aquarian at almost everything at it does is very attractive to the Libra. The latter, on the other hand, will attract the water-bearer with its intellectual mind and unbiased attitude. Libra is a non-judgmental side, a quality that fits right into the Aquarian’s outlook on life. Visit Aquarius Compatibility to know how Aquarius compatible with other zodiac signs.

The cerebral nature of their relationship will be astoundingly brilliant and the two signs will have innumerable conversations that are high in substance. They will help each other grow from the outset and will cultivate a unique foundation of mutual trust to build their love relationship on.

When these two signs are attracted to each other on a romantic front, they can create a hell of a love story for themselves. Both Libra and Aquarius will give their all to starting and sustaining their relationship with each other, while investing time and effort in understanding and respecting each other’s perspective to different things in life.

Both the signs are quietly passionate about bringing a change onto the society and if they come together, they are likely to spur each other to action in this regard. Aquarius and Libra will end up being the provenance of motivation for each other and their partnership has the potential to build something special, not just for themselves.

The compatibility between Libra and Aquarius is high and their ability to understand each other is quite extraordinary. Their common element helps them find middle ground and keeps them connected to each other on an almost visceral level. The erratic nature of the Aquarian’s behaviour mixes well with Libra’s even-tempered nature. Their relationship will help them to bring the best out of each other, while also curb their respective negative qualities.

Aquarius and Sagittarius Love Compatibility - 85%

Both Aquarius man and Sagittarius woman have a penchant for adventure, they live for excitement and are both born rebels. Thus, they have enough of a common ground to build their relationship astrology on. They are attracted to each other due to the presence of not only such similarities, but also a few differences.

Both these signs are extremely non-judgmental and thus, give each other the space to be unflinchingly real and honest in the relationship. They tend to respect each other over the straightforwardness that they possess and can thus create a positive pathway for their relationship to trudge on with care and understanding. The association will turn out to be very similar, in the relationship between the Sagittarius man and Aquarius woman as well.

The best past about this equation is that since both Aquarius and Sagittarius are not afraid to say their mind, the communication between them is strong and real. They have the assurance that their partner will not judge them, making it easy for them to open up to each other and ensure that their conversations are free-flowing, unambiguous, and enriching.

The intellectual side of the Water bearer mingles perfectly with the deep-thinking persona of the Sagittarius sign. They are both drawn to each other due to the same. They are instinctive individuals who like to take decisions based on their gut from time to time, and will extend full-fledged support to each other for doing the same.

Both of them harbour immense love with adventure and surprises, which means they have something in common that can help them create and spend some incredible moments with each other.

Aquarius and Aquarius Love Compatibility - 82,5%

When things boil down to a romantic relationship, the two Aquarius natives can feel a lot of love for each other, but they are more likely to look upon each other as just good friends. That's why the Aquarius-Aquarius love match is not very emotional in a strict sense, but this does not imply that they are unemotional. Rather, their love is spread over a group of people. However, for the Aquarius man and Aquarius woman relationship, even though it may not be so romantic, for it to work out there has to be a strong foundation of love. The best part of their love equation is that though they deeply care for each other, there is no trace of possessiveness.

Aquarius-Aquarius Sexual Compatibility:

The Aquarius-Aquarius sexual compatibility can be very interesting, full of new experiments and passionate action. They will not hesitate to fulfill each other's fantasies, and they will do it without inhibitions. Both will be least bothered by the usual social taboos and restrictions, which is why they enjoy the carnal pleasures so much. The only thing that can play spoilsport in the Aquarius and Aquarius sexual relationship is the lack of emotions which leads to a lack of intimacy. So when the excitement of the initial sexual encounters begins to fade, they might find it difficult to keep it up

The positive aspects of two Aquarians relationship is the easy flow of conversation because they understand each other so well. Moreover, since they are very intelligent people and they have lofty thoughts, the things they talk about are generally not understood even by people in their surroundings. Their intellectual connect is absolute and oblivious to everything around them.