DOG - Best CHINESE weekly, monthly and yearly horoscope, Love compatibility...

Weekly Horoscope...

June 8-14: The main feature of the first week of the Horse month is a tendency to exaggeration. Everything that happens will seem either terrible or uniquely beautiful. Do not go to extremes, stick to the middle ground. Maintain the ability to think critically: carried away by your experiences, you can miss really important things. A neutral attitude towards the home situation at the beginning of the week is unlikely. The influence of the element of the month of the Yang-Water enhances passivity, a tendency to manipulate. In order not to miss the child, the weekly Chinese horoscope for the Dog recommends not to be authoritarian. Behave so that your interest in children’s problems does not look intrusive.

The inability to freely manage money can lead you to despair, but not for long, in the middle of the week the financial situation will stabilize. In the atmosphere of the Wood Rooster day it is difficult to remain rational, but it is a competent approach to budget planning that will help to avoid debt. Audit assets and cash.

Monthly Horoscope...

June 2020 - There is a lot of activity in the area of fertility, children, and creativity. If you have kids, you may be settling squabbles or helping siblings understand each other. If you’re looking to get pregnant or add to the family, this is a good month to begin to move forward with your plans.

June 5 brings the lunar eclipse in your house of the future, along with the beginning of the month of the Horse. Sit down with family members and make two-year and five-year plans.

The fifteenth is your high-energy day. This is a good day for Dog natives to look into going back to school and view online lectures.

June 17 finds Mercury going retrograde in your house of work. A task you thought had been delegated to others may return to you and significantly increase your workload.

The twentieth brings the first day of summer and the solar eclipse in your area of health and well-being. If you’ve let good health habits lapse, it's time to get back on track.

Horoscope 2020

Dog people will be generally in ordinary luck in 2020. But you need to manage money matters properly and do not spend extravagantly, because ordinary fortune does not mean nothing will happen. On the contrary, unexpected incidents may cost you a lot of money, so don't wait until you spend money to find that you are already as poor as a church mouse. This year, you people of Dog sign should pay special attention to health and be very careful when driving or walking outside. It’s better wear a golden obsidian Amitabha, the Buddhist protector for people of Dog sign in order to be blessed with happiness and good luck in 2020.


Compared with the last year, nothing special will happen to your career, so do not take chances to switch jobs. In general, job-hopping is stupid when you are less blessed in career. Therefore, you'd better work well in the original position and the most important thing is to do the immediate work well - only in this way can you be capable to seek a better job. Every dog has its day - you will not always have bad luck in career; one day, you will get good luck. Only if you bear responsibility and blame can you shoulder a greater burden, be qualified for a better job and be able get the desired position. To improve your luck in career in 2020, better wear a Lapis Lazuli bracelet with Dog sign.


As for wealth, you people born in the Dog years may see the ordinary, even decline trend and be vulnerable to personal financial losses. But don't worry too much about it - the situation will not be as bad as death and destruction but losing little money. According to Feng Shui theory, it is good to suffer unexpected financial losses but forestall calamity. Throughout the year, you'd better not gamble or buy lottery tickets. It doesn't matter if you do it for fun occasionally. The worst situation is that you're addicted to it and have no luck. In this case, you will be in debt for gambling and even cannot afford to eat no matter how rich you are right now. For female, better wear a yellow citrine bracelet with Dog sign in 2020 to help bring good Feng Shui and rich in financial resources. And for male, better wear a Tiger’s eye bracelet with Dog sign.


Dogs will be blessed in love relationship in the year of 2020. If you are married, your marriage will be further improved and be free from quarrels; if you are single or unattached, you may meet the right one, so seize the opportunity to go out more, make more friends and meet more people to increase the probability. Though you will get more popular with the opposite sex, you should not dally with others; otherwise karma will punish you and someone else will hurt you when you hurt others. Figure out what you want, do not follow the general trend and start a relationship randomly, or you will hurt those who love you. You are suggested to wear an amethyst bracelet with Dog sign to attract good love or solve love and marriage crisis.

Overview: 3

Wealth: 3

Health: 2

Career: 3

Love: 5

Lucky Number: 2, 7

Lucky Color: White, Yellow


In view of the poor luck for health in 2020, you people of Dog sign need to be very careful when going out, or you may easily have an accident. You will be prone to accidental injuries rather than diseases. For women under Dog sign, you should not walk alone at night but be cautious in everything; for men of Dog sign, pay attention to the safety when you are driving. You can wear a green agate bracelet with Dog sign to keep good healthy in 2020. If you often drive, you’d better hang a White Crystal Lotus Rearview Mirror Hanging Ornament for Good Luck and Safe Driving in 2019.

Best LOVE Compatibility... Rabbit

...may be: Rat, Tiger, Monqey and Pig.

Lifelong Fortune in Love

You go after the long and stable relationship and will be loyal to love once you choose the one you love. Also, you are family-oriented and will devote a lot of love to your children.

Performance in Love

1. You are sincere and loyal to love but unromantic, thus sometimes may make the other feel at a loss.

2. You males are considerate, family-oriented and tolerant to your lover and always enjoy a happy love life.

3. You females are not good at expressing your emotions and have a mysophobia tendency to love; once you choose the one you love, you will be loyal to him and of course, ask for the same in return, thus a good partner in marriage.

How to Enjoy Happy Marriage?

Dog and Rabbit are in one of the six compatible groups (Liu He 六合), so the most perfect match for the Dog is the person under the Rabbit sign. Besides, Dog, Horse and Tiger are in one of the four compatible zodiac groups (San He 三合), so people under the Tiger or Horse sign are the favorable match to you. However, you Dog conflict with Dragon people and harm the Rooster people, therefore, if your partner is under one of the two signs, you will have many quarrels and problems in life thus can hardly have a lifelong marriage. In addition, the lucky direction for you in love is east. You’d better place a suitable Feng Shui item in this direction for a better luck with the opposite sex.